There are six categories for Match-Based Discipline:

Saturday, Sunday, Midweek, Veterans, Representative, Further Education

Automatic suspensions for dismissals apply to one of these six categories, or friendly football. If you are dismissed in a game, you are suspended from participating in the same category of football until the team has completed the relevant number of fixtures. For example, a Player sent off in Sunday football would be still be eligible to play football for a Saturday team as the suspension would apply to Sunday football only, however, a player sent off for a Saturday First team would not be able to participate for a Saturday Reserve team during the period of the suspension and the Reserve team matches would not count as qualifying fixtures.

These categories also apply with regards to continuing misconduct, receiving multiple cautions or dismissals in a season. However, if during the same period, a player received 3 cautions in Midweek football and 2 cautions in Sunday football, then they would not be subject to the automatic suspension for accumulated cautions.

Please note that suspensions resultant from misconduct cases (charges issued by the County FA) are from ALL football at CFA level, so a Participant will not be able to play in all six categories until the team they were playing for when the charge was issued serves the appropriate number of games.

Suspensions imposed at County FA, or grassroots, level are not applicable at Step 4 of the National League System or above unless a specific application is made to The FA by a Discipline Commission.