The FA's Technology Adoption Team have recognised that, due to the requirement for all adult FAN records to contain a valid email address, the process for adding an email address to a player had to be simplified.

As a consequence, the 'Players' Email' tab has been designed to give clubs a simple method of adding emails and mobile numbers to their players when aged 16 or above. The tab is located in the left-hand menu within your club record on the Whole Game System, and you will initially see a list of players that have not yet had a email address assigned. From here, you can type the email address, or mobile number, for the relevant players in the boxes provided.

Players who have logged into the Whole Game System during the previous 12 months will show any data currently held in WGS, but they will be locked for editing due to GDPR. These players will be able to edit their own details from their own 'Home' tab within WGS.

Please see the attached one-page guide at the bottom of this page for a visual representation of the process.